Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Day 42 Gettysburg, PA to Lancaster, PA

Day 42 Gettysburg, PA to Lamcaster, PA 63.4 miles 2210 climbing #NM2NY4LFSA

We got a break in from the heat today. The high only reached 90 or so. That felt better. There were no significant climbs today, just never ending rollers. The climbing came over the whole course of the day. The grades were very manageable. We got to York and found a bigger city than we anticipated. The route we were riding was a state bicycle route that went directly through the center of town. Through the center there was one lane of traffic in each direction and every fifty it's or so there were signs pointed on the street that indicated bikes could use the entire lane. There were also street signs that said "bicycles may use entire lane". As we rode through, I had a car intentionally brush my pannier as it squeezed between me and the oncoming traffic. As I started expressing my frustration verbally, another car came up beside me and started yelling out his window that I needed to move all the way to the right, up against the parked cars. I pointed at the signs that instructed drivers that the lane belonged to cyclists and reinforced the fact verbally and the driver rolled up their window and turned off the street. Some people are so selfish that when they learn the law requires them to share they go away in a huff. So long as they go away. We rode on and crossed the Susquahanna River. On the other side we were just 15 miles from our destination. You can tell we are riding into a more populace region because the businesses and homes were continuous from York to Lancaster. That makes finding drinks and food much easier. I had to get a photo of Kerosene at the pump. That tells you it is a farming area. We've seen them for the last 1000 miles. Awe appreciate the bike share signs but they look a little like a cyclist working very hard to avoid a car running them down. Later, riding through Lancaster, a Yellow cab brushed all 3 of us and we had had enough. We pulled over and called the police who promised to have a unit look for the driver. We got the plate number. That person should not be permitted to drive any kind of vehicle, much less posses a chauffer's license. On we went to the hotel where we checked in, cleaned up, and went next door for a sushi dinner.





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