Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day 36 Pittsburgh, PA to Connellsville, PA

Day 36 Pittsburgh, PA to Connellsville, PA 57.7 miles 430ft climbing #NM2NY4LFSA

Now that's what I'm talking about for bike friendly terrain. The two biggest climbs were bridges at the beginning of the ride. We lounged in Pittsburgh all morning. We didn't really want to leave The Monaco, or our favorite town so far. Great food, coffee, accommodations, and attractions. If we did it again, I'd go for two days of in Pittsburgh. Maybe three. Sightseeing, Warhol Museum (which we missed because they're closed on Mondays), and Kennywood Amusement Park. Maybe a water slide too. We finally hit the trail and found one of the most beautiful trails we've been on yet. Plus, it's 150 miles long. We camped tonight at riverside campground near Connellsville. We got to camp late and I immediately pulled out the stove. It took me about forty minutes to clear a clog. The stove worked fine the last time we used it, but it gave us a scare this time. It would be a very challenging dinner without boiling water. I finally got the stove working and we ate a multi course dinner of Backpackers Pantry. It is really pretty decent stuff. We got to bed a little late and it was hot, humid, and still. We had the rain fly rigged because there was a threat of overnight rain. That cuts down the ventilation, but it would be a serious drag to wake up to torrential rain in the tent. Tomorrow we head on down the trail to Rockford.








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