Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Day 35 Anniversary day off sight seeing in Pittsburgh

Day 35 Anniversary day and sightseeing in Pittsburgh #NM2NY4LFSA.

Today was a really lovely day. We slept in late and then headed off to Market Square and a sandwich at Primanti Brothers. I swear the IPA and "Second Best Seller" Pittsburger was about the best lunch I have had as long as I can remember. Definitely the best lunch of the ride. From lunch we walked down to Point Park and saw a"Ducky Boat" amphibious tour bus n the river. We all thought that would be a fun thing to do so we jumped on the "T" and headed to Station Square across the river to catch one. We had a fun time and Lauren got to drive it on the water. Then we decided to walk back to the hotel. Chandler and I left Lauren in our room with a room service menu and an overnight friend. The hotel will bring you a gold fish to your room, on request. For company not consumption. We came back after dinner and out went the lights.




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