Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Day 28 Indianapolis, IN to Richmond, IN

Day 28 Indianapolis, IN to Richmond, IN 76.3 miles 1430ft climbing #NM2NY4LFSA

It was another great day for riding. We stopped for breakfast on our way out of town and had a great meal.  The sprawl of Indianapolis is primarily East of downtown and we road through it for about twenty miles. There were several miles of beautiful bike other on the route. We always enjoy the paths for surface, natural beauty, and lack of traffic. We have found that a lunch stop with 15-20 miles to go works very well, so after 56 miles of riding we pulled into a lunch spot. It was an uneventful ride day. We reached Richmond and were routed through neighborhoods to avoid the commercial district and ended up riding right pat our friend's old elementary school. Richmond has some beautiful neighborhoods. When we got to the hotel we discovered they had no laundry and it was a laundry night so we went accross the street to a Holiday Inn that had a laundry. Some of the public areas are very, very air conditioned and the hotel lobby was in the 55 degree range. We ordered dinner in the hotel restaurant and they kindly delivered it to our room. Tomorrow we get to sleep in because of a low mileage ride to Dayton.





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  1. I love that you got to see Richmond and my old house and school. Thanks for sending pictures. I've enjoyed following you on Twitter and Instagram. Just saw this blog mentioned in the SpinDoc newsletter. Thinking of you guys. Safe, fun travels!