Friday, August 5, 2016

Day 31 Family and radio day in Columbus, OH

Day 31 Day off in Columbus, OH #NM2NY4LFSA

I don't know when I have ever been prouder to introduce family to family. My day started with an early alarm for a 6:35 radio interview. Fortunately I was able to phone it in. I woke up and went out front so I wouldn't wake Chandler and Lauren. I got back to the room just before 7 and when I heard Chandler ask, what seemed like a hour later, if I had been able to fall back asleep I said I didn't think so. Until I looked at the clock and saw it was 10:45. Long deep sleeps are part of the recovery process and I'm sure glad I had one on a day off. After getting washed up we set off for Starbucks and after searching for breakfast decided on a place called "Super Chefs". Oh my gosh! It was the best breakfast we've had in 31 days on the road. We all had omelets then split what I can only describe as churro waffles. On the menu they were called Cinimon Tost Crunch Waffles. We couldn't decide between them and red velvet pancakes or "Homers" which are donut shaped pancakes. After breakfast, my cousin Bob picked us up to take us to IHeartMedia for a group radio interview. We owe all of the radio coverage in Ohio to Bob's brilliant wife, Kim. Kim, neither we nor LFS Association can thank you enough for all of your help and support. After the interview, Bob gave us a tour of Columbus finishing with a fantastic dinner on the river, downtown, at Bicentenial Park. There, my Aunt Em, cousin Rebecca, her son Jack, Kim, and her son, Tyler, and my step cousin Tom Weckesser, and his son, Jake, met us. I am so proud to call all of these people family. They are a spectacular bunch. Like I said earlier, I was so proud to introduce them all to Chandler and Lauren. Chandler had met Em and Tom but this was her introduction to everyone else. It was a great time. Great thanks to all for coming.


Jake and Tom Weckesser


Front row: Luren, Aunt Em, Cousin Rebecca, her son, Jack. Second row: Me, Chandler, Bob, Kim, and her son Tyler.

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