Thursday, August 11, 2016

Day 37 Connellsville, PA to Rockwood, PA

Day 37 Connellsville, PA to Rockwood, PA 49.7 miles 1470ft climbing #NM2NY4LFSA

It was not a great sleep. It was in the eighties until 3 AM or so. I was surprised to see it was 8:30 when I woke up and looked at my watch. Chandler and I got up and started coffee and breakfast. I don't know why, but the longer we're on the road, the longer it takes in the morning. Today it was partly because dehydrated huevos rancheros take 40 minutes by themselves and we can only boil about a liter and a half of water at a time, so with oatmeal, huevos, and two press pots of coffee we need to boil water three times. The stove is hot, but it still takes 15 minutes per boil. All day we felt a little overworked and then realized we climbed a very shallow grade pretty much all day. Very constant and only noticable to the legs. Looking at the map we have another 500 ft or so of climbing tomorrow, then we descend 1800 ft over the last 20 miles. Joy. We're trying to work out the very end of the ride. I'd like to take a day off in Philadelphia, but that will make for one long day riding from Lancaster. It's two fifties to get from Philly to NYC and that would be a nice way to finish. 







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