Monday, August 1, 2016

Day 27 Day off in Indianapolis

Day 27 Day off in Indianapolis #NM2NY4LFSA

A truly lazy day today. We all slept in, then went to what must be the most popular breakfast spot in downtown Indianapolis. It was excellent but very busy. There was a tri downtown today and I know how good a post race breakfast is. Then we walked across the street and Lauren was able to have her phone repaired. Then a stroll through the mall, then back to the room. Dinner at PF Changs and early to bed. We have less than 900 miles to go. I'm beginning to have a sense of the end approaching, a little under 3 weeks from now. Provided we all stay healthy, and the weather remains decent, our last real challenge will be the Allegheny region of the Appalachians which we will cross in Pennsylvania. It looks like we'll ride the Great Allegheny Passage. It is a 150 mile long former rail bed turned trail. It sounds spectacular and will give us a route through the mountains at a max grade of 2 percent. There are over a mile of tunnels and even more trestles. Thanks to Indy for a nice, restful, day off. 


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