Saturday, August 6, 2016

Day 32 Columbus, OH to Zanesville, OH

Day 32 Columbus, OH to Zanesville, OH 57.6 miles 1920ft climbing #NM2NY4LFSA

We couldn't help ourselves. It was back to Super Chefs for breakfast again, via Starbucks, of course. We rode out of town on the tail end of rush hour and had fairly light traffic. It was hot again today. We're riding into rollers again too. It was up and down all afternoon. With about 22 miles to go we found ourselves in Hebron, OH where we had a lunch opportunity but decided there would be something six or seven miles up the road. There was not another restaurant until we were across the street from the hotel. We were originally going to ride to Pittsburgh, from Columbus, via Dresden and Cadiz. We reviewed the maps and found a route through Zanesville that would save us 15-20 miles so we took it. It worked out well, but we are in a section with small towns and few services. Tomorrow we go to Cadiz and then on to Pittsburgh Sunday. Providing the weather cooperates. We seem to be between two systems and both are producing a lot of rain. The rain is the result of a "cold front" moving in tomorrow. That will be nice. The heat has not even brutal, not like he first three weeks, but we did get steamy today. We'll take a day off in Pittsburgh to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Lauren found us a nice place to stay downtown. No laundry, so we'll have to find a laundromat Monday since we have two campaign days in a row following Pittsburgh. We're 1700 miles in with 650 to go. I told Chandler and Lauren this and Luren figures she can ride it in 7 days. We'll take 12.





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